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Bonjour, Est-ce que cette conférence s'adresse uniquement au
développeurs ? 

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 fait intéressant sur http://debconf13.debconf.org/sponsors.xhtml,
 canton de Neuchâtel subventionne comme sponsor gold cette

 Cela n'a pas dû arriver jusqu'aux oreilles d'un certain chef :)

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 Subject: Registration is now open for DebConf13

 Dear all,

 Registration is now open for DebConf13, which will take place in Le
Camp near 
 Vaumarcus, Switzerland, from Sunday 11 August to Saturday 17 August
2013. The 
 registration deadline for those who wish to make sponsorship
applications is 
 Wednesday 15 May 2013. After this date, you can still register, but
you will 
 need to pay for accommodation and food.


 If you want to attend DebConf13, go to the Registration page 
  and follow the procedure 
 outlined there. Please even read the website page if you attended
 conferences, because it explains some important changes with respect
 previous years.


 We are planning to prepend the current DebConf week with additional
 days, but we need some more time to sort out the details. We also
need more 
 money to be able to fully sponsor DebCamp for everyone or to extend
it to more 
 than a few days. If you would like this to happen, please contact us
and help 
 find additional sponsorship. We will send another announcement about
 as soon as registration for DebCamp opens.

 Thank you

 DebConf13 thanks its two platinum sponsors, Google  
 and the Matanel Foundation , as well all other 
 sponsors . 

 We look forward to welcoming you to Le Camp in August!

 - the DebConf13 team

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