[linux-neuchatel] IoT week-end

Benninger Frédéric benninger at sunrise.ch
Sun Jan 17 21:05:04 CET 2016


Je me permet de faire circuler ici l'annonce pour le hackathon IoT de la 
semaine prochaine.




Hey Guys,

Next weekend (23/24 Jan) we're going to have the most amazing hackathon 
ever - FIXME's first Internet of Things Weekend! We will (hopefully) 
have 2-3 floors available for hacking, some food (sponsored!), full free 
access to the workshop, and access to some interesting parts of the 
building. We're expecting all sorts of people to participate, ranging 
form us, members of other hackerspaces, EPFL students, hackers and even 
startupy people. I'm actually in touch with most of the associations and 
companies in the building (Nébuleuse brewery, Mobilet' restaurant,...), 
who are quite interested in helping us out. We already have Swisscom, 
EPFL and IBM on board, they will be coming with their LoRaWan and other 
cool hardware and cloud credits that can be useful at times.

There is a really cool (big) event page here, and you can register up to 
next Friday! The hackathon starts Saturday 23 morning at 10h, and ends 
Sunday afternoon at 17h. Feel free to pop by if you can't come to the 
whole hackathon! The registrations start now, and close on Friday the 22nd.

If you have any issues signing up or don't want to use eventbrite, 
please use the event page on fixme.ch.

See you next weekend!
Sasha Iatsenia
IoT weekend coordinator

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