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Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2017 16:11:47 +0200
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Subject: [Geneve] Conference by Damian Conway in Lausanne: "Three little words", Tuesday 2 May, 19:00

Dear Geneve mongueurs,

Damian Conway will give a public seminar related to Perl titled "Three
little words" on the evening of Tuesday 2 May near Lausanne (see
detailed information below).

This is a brand new talk that will be presented for the first time even
(and will later be used as a keynote in various Perl-related conferences)

Title: "Three little words"


"All I wanted was to add three extra words to Perl's syntax.
How hard could that be?

In the end, it only required
     three years,
     2.8 million lines of code,
     six nested development projects,
     3633 CPAN modules,
     a 40 year old coding environment,
     498405 unit tests,
     the four most perfectly obfuscated Perl programs of all time,
     multiple multi-layered multiple-dispatch systems,
     a 1011-line substitution statement,
     a 1194-line regex match,
     an entirely new meta-meta-metasyntax
...and not a single line of runtime-executable code.

This is a tale of madness, obsession, and coding extremity.
This is a journey to the very heart of Perl...and beyond.
This is: Three Little Words."

Place:    FixMe (https://fixme.ch/location)
          FixMe Hackerspace Lausanne
          Chemin du Closel 5
          CH-1020 Renens
Contact: Camelia CIOARA (camelia.cioara at unil.ch)
When:    Tuesday 2 May 2017, 19:00
Web:     http://www2.linux-gull.ch/?q=node/24

The talk will be followed by an apero.

Please forward this email to anyone who could be interested !

Hope to see you there,


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