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Dear all,

in addition to my previous email, we have some free seats for 2 courses
taught by Damian Conway in the forthcoming weeks:

* Parsing Techniques in Perl 6
  Wednesday 3 may 2017


  This full-day tutorial will introduce beginner and intermediate
  programmers to the powerful and efficient parsing mechanisms built
  into Perl 6, and will explore specific techniques for parsing data in
  a variety of commonly used formats. Most examples will be based on
  typical parsing problems encountered in Bioinformatics.

  This course is free for everyone; we only ask for a 20 CHF
  contribution to pay for the printing of the course notes.

* Understanding Regular Expressions
  Friday 5 may 2017


  This class takes participants back to the fundamentals of regular
  expressions and explains what regexes really are and how they
  actually work. The course is completely language-agnostic. Every
  example will be shown in all five major modern dialects of regex
  syntax (ERE, PCRE, POSIX, P6, and Vimmish)

  Course fee: 300 CHF (100 CHF for academic), including printed course

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